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If you managed to get a place to study in Berlin, you can count yourself to the few lucky ones, who are just before the experience of their lifetime. Berlin, as Germanys capital, is a vibrant and highly international city with over 2.5 million inhabitants. Fair enough, this fact is not positive for everybody. But if you are ready for culture, new people and the city lifestyle, you are about to start your studies in the best place possible. But as we all know, Berlin is just as interesting as it is expensive. To cover all your bills, the best solution for over 60% of all students is a job that fits their studies.

If you are studying in Berlin right know and spend the last hours calculating how to pay your next rent, this article is for you. Both work and study are possible, especially in a city like Berlin, full of possibilities for young professionals who are just about to enter their career. In fact, even if you are able to cover all your bills without spending one hour working, it is still a good idea to look for a job. As always, it is not just about the money.

But why should you look for a job if you don’t even need the money? Are there any important reasons that can help boost your career? What can you do if you find the perfect job offer? How do you manage to get invited for an interview? And how do you find the job that suits you and your study situation just perfectly? You obviously won’t find all the answers here. But you will find enough inspiration to start your individual search in Berlin. Good luck!

Berlin: Why looking for a student job is a very good idea

We already mentioned two main purposes to jump off your seat and go looking for job offers: Money and your career. But how exactly can a student job help you boost your career and why do not just live a low budget student life in a city like Berlin, where second hand is the new high fashion? Maybe the following points will convince you:

  • Studying is as different from the real job world as a desert is from the sea. Without any experience in supporting a real company, you will have a hard time finding a good job after graduation. 
  • Most young students just ended high school and do not really have a clue how their later job looks like in reality. Because of that it is a pretty good idea to find that out before you spend years studying and finally you find yourself unhappy in the place you always dreamed of.
  • As a student, you have as much time to travel as you will never have again. But travelling is not cheap even though you can save a lot of money on low budget. If you are working in Berlin, you can save money and explore different destinations, get to know new cultures and broaden your view. This helps sometimes more to develop your personality than your whole studies do.
  • The last but not least reason is easy: You are living in Berlin. In Berlin! This city has so many exciting international companies that are looking for students, that missing that chance would be a shame. Just start looking for job offers, and you will be amazed what is actually possible.

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How to find the perfect student job: 3 steps 

Finding work in Berlin is easy. You just have to leave your flat, go around the corner and you will find lots of job offers from little shops, restaurants and supermarkets. Or you check out stellenwerk Berlin. If you are looking for a work you can start as soon as possible, this might be a good solution. But if you are looking for a job which gives you references and profound experiences, it’s better to plan the search. Here are three steps to take if you want to find the best student work for your own situation:

#1 What do you need?

Before you start looking for work in Berlin, you should write your own individual needs and expectations down. How many hours can you work per week? What is the minimum wage you expect? How much time are you willing to spend in the subway (Berlin is huge!)? Do you need practical experiences in a certain work? Write yourself a list and tick the boxes when you see a job offer. Only the best ones deserve your attention.

#2 What do the other students say?

The best and most honest review you can get are the ones of your friends. If you are looking for work in Berlin, start to make that public. You will be surprised how many job offers just come by hearing and listening to the chat of other students. Use your social network to find the perfect work in Berlin!

#3 Getting started: The best places to search

If you know what you are searching for and asked your fellow students, it’s time to look actively for offers. The easiest place to start is an online platform for student jobs in Berlin. But there are many more options: Career days from your University, open house days from your favourite company or even exhibitions that match your studies. The more creative, the better.

Favourite student jobs in Berlin: Which one is yours?

Berlin has such a variety of job offers, that distinct favourite jobs are hard to identify. Nevertheless, a lot of students in Berlin are working as waitresses, private tutors, temporary stuff during the semester breaks or even as part-time employees in well known companies.

The best strategy ist to define which work matches your study situation the best. Even if you managed to land a job every student was looking for, but you are stressed due to your study responsibilites, it might not be the best choice. Take your time, identify the possibilities and start with the best experience possible.

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